Homeless Man Returns Woman’s Wallet And Her 12-Year-Old Granddaughter Raises Hundreds Of Dollars For Him

NBC Los Angeles

A northern California grandmother was picking up some coffee at a local shop when she lost her wallet. She got a call from a kind man asking how they could meet so he could give her her wallet back.

Earlier this month, Evelyn Topper stopped at a Kamson coffee shop in San Rafael, California — she picked up a chai soy latte for herself and a boba tea for her granddaughter. As she was putting her wallet away, she didn’t zip up her jacket and the wallet fell out of her pocket.

The next day, she received a call from Sean Currey, a homeless man who happened to come across her wallet as he was scouring through the dumpster. When he found the wallet, he told his friend about it, who suggested they use the credit cards before they’re canceled. But Currey declined to do such a thing.

Instead, he was able to get in contact with Topper and arrange a meeting to get her wallet back to her. 

Currey told NBC Los Angeles, “I did it because I got a heart. That’s the way I was brought up.”

Evelyn was overjoyed when she got the call from Sean asking her about the wallet. “I was screaming,” she told NBC Los Angeles, “It’s a mitzvah! I asked him if he knew what a mitzvah was and he said, ‘No.’ I said it’s like a good deed.”

When her granddaughter, Mikayla Gounard, found out about his good deed and decided to return the favor. The soon-to-be 12-year-old was able to raise hundreds of dollars to give to Currey.

“I wanted to give to somebody who really needed something,” Gounard told NBC Los Angeles. Currey was humbled to receive the gift from her and said, “I’m humbled. I’m just blessed. It’s hard to express words for it. I’m at a loss. I’m warmed by it, 100%.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II