Elf Help Gurus: Retired Couple Makes And Donates 1,400 Toys For Kids In Need

Sierra Sullivan via Good News Network

A retired couple recently celebrated their 50th anniversary together and have been working as toymakers for the bulk of their relationship. This past Christmas, the hard-working couple made close to 1,400 toys that were then donated to charities for kids in need.

Mike and Judy Sullivan have 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, all of whom have been positioned to be testers for their new products. When Mike was younger, his brothers were carpenters so they would always make him homemade toys.

“Most of the things I got were handmade toys,” Mike Sullivan said to CNN, “They were wonderful toys, I know how much I enjoyed them and just hope that kids that get them now still do.”

The toys that the couple made were later donated to charitable causes including a food pantry, a local kindergarten class and Coachella Valley Rescue Mission just to name a few. 

“We’re both in good health and are able to be out here six to seven days a week for eight to 10 hours,” Mike told CNN, “It’s so much fun, it feels like home here in the shop working things out.”

As the couple continued to make toys for charitable causes, their out-of-pocket costs last year started to pile up, totaling over $19,000. To be more financially responsible, they created a GoFundMe page to help cover those costs.

They are both excited and filled with joy that they are able to do such a kind thing for kids in need. Judy told  KESQ-TV News 3, “It makes me feel very very warm inside. I love it. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II