Friendship Goooooooooals: Stray Dog Gets Adopted By Soccer Player After Interrupting Soccer Match


On Christmas Eve, one soccer player go the best gift ever: the love of a stray dog.

During a professional game in Potosi, Bolivia between The Strongest and Nacional, a dog ran onto the field with a soccer shoe in his mouth.


He was wagging his tail in a playful way and scooting around with the shoe until one player picked him up and carried him off the field.

Turns out, the dog did not have a home. The athletic canine held the audience captive for about three minutes—and put a pause to the game.


Players and the referee struggled to get the dog as it wiggled around the field. The player who eventually scooped up the pup, Raul Castro, now says he will be adopting the dog.


Looks like the big winner here is that daring doggo. Hopefully, there will be more shoes to chew in his future!

Lead image: ABC

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi