Miracle COVID Patient In Coma For 40 Days Wakes Up Just When Her Family Was Asked To Say Goodbye

miracle covid-19 patient recovers from coma walks out of hospital lisa martin
Memorial Saltilla Health/Facebook

A 49-year-old Georgia woman with COVID-19, who was on a ventilator for 59 days and in a medically-induced coma for 40 of those, has recovered and finished 2020 by walking out of the hospital she was in for three months.

Lisa Martin, admitted to Memorial Satilla Health in Waycross, Georgia on Sept. 27, has embarked on a roller coaster of a journey. As the Facebook post from the health care system noted, her journey included transfers to two facilities, with a rehabilitation center to help her do what was necessary to allow her to take her literal first steps back home.

“On Oct. 20, Lisa was comatose, her eyes fixed,” the post noted. “The hospital called in her family to say goodbye. They decided to give it 11 days before making a decision about removing her from the ventilator that was breathing for her. But God had other plans. On the eleventh day, Lisa broke through the sedatives and began tracking [her husband] Jeff with her eyes and she moved her hand.”

Dawn White, of Jacksonville’s NBC affiliate First Coast News, called it a #COVID19 miracle, marveling at Martin’s 95-day battle with the virus.

People, reporting on Martin’s journey, noted that her family wants Martin to be an example of hope.

“Our family has always had a strong Christian faith, but going through this has changed our lives for the better,” said Madison Martin, her 27-year-old daughter. “Did it suck for my mom to get COVID, almost die and now fight to get back to having a normal life? Absolutely! But if God wanted to use my mom as an example on how to keep faith during struggles, dark times and hardships, then I thank God for using my mom.”

“I watched four people die while my wife was struggling,” added Jeff, who admitted to People that he didn’t take COVID-19 seriously before his wife became ill.

“I know that doctors can treat patients medically, but healing comes from God. And I just … I’m thankful that she lived, but I’m also just very aware of the pain of watching others who lost their family members to this.”

Jeff noted that he hopes Lisa’s recovery will “encourage and help” others who are experiencing the same uncertainty they did.


Written by Phil West