“Ratatouille: The Musical” Started As An Amateur TikTok Collab, Now It’s A Full-Fledged Production Raising $1 Million For Out-Of-Work Actors

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We’ve been in lockdown for—oh, I don’t know like 12 years now? And even though it’s perfectly fine and normal to not turn this period of immense stress into “inspiration” to start new projects, bless the people who are managing to keep their creative juices flowing. For example, some creative TikTokers crowdsourced a full-blown Ratatouille musical and professional actors performed it to raise money for a good cause.

The (unofficial) Ratatouille musical started with a tune by TikToker Emily Jacobsen, who belted out a Broadway-inspired song about Remy the rat (fleshed out into an act-ending finale by composer Daniel Mertzlufft).

From there it snow-balled.

People started adding their own songs and lyrics, others contributed dialog, choreography, and set design, and before they knew it, they had the makings of an honest-to-god full-blown musical.

Someone even designed a realistic Playbill for the production and Pixar piped up to give the Ratatouille musical their blessing. (The making of the musical seems like a made-for Pixar story in and of itself.)


Professional Broadway production company Seaview Productions (which produced the award-winning “Slave Play”) caught wind of the collaboration and helped stitch it together into a polished musical—all in a matter of weeks.

Top-tier talent including Wayne Brady and Adam Lambert signed on, tickets were sold, and the entire production aired online to benefit the Actors Fund, which helps out-of-work performers.


Jacobsen, who kicked off the TikTok craze, was elated. “I’ve been tuning in myself to many benefits for The Actor’s Fund over the past few months and the idea that now I feel like my work is playing a small part in bringing one to life is so thrilling for me,” she told CNN.

All told 200,000 tickets were sold bringing in $1 million dollars to the organization. Whew, that’s a lot of work with an incredible payoff! Here’s hoping we’re able to see the finished product on the big stage… One day.

Lead image: TikTok/Instagram.

Masha Fante

Written by Masha Fante