Tim Hortons Customers Raise $21k To Send Happy Fist-Bumping Worker To School


Vishnu Gopansothilingan is a welcome face at the Vauhgan, Ont. Tim Hortons drive-thru. And now, customers are helping him out by raising funds to send him back to school.

Gopansothilingan had been studying IT at York University, but he had to drop out due to financial difficulties. It was a story that affected one of Gopansothilingan’s customers, Matthew Shulman.

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“He makes your day,” said Shulman. “This guy, he fist-bumps you, he gives you weather reports. Everybody in the community thinks they’re special and he only does it with them, but it turns out he’s doing it with everybody.”

When Shulman heard Gopansothilingan’s story, he organized a GoFundMe campaign called “Vishnu The Tim Horton’s Happy Fist Bumper!”

“In a time of such uncertainty, [Vishnu] is and always has been a ray of sunshine! I, like many others look forward to my morning coffee, fist bump, huge smile, worldly quotes, weather reviews, silly jokes and the ‘have an amazing day,'” Shulman wrote on the GoFundMe site. 

Via CBC News

“Vishnu is much more than a guy in a mask working the Tim Hortons drive thru. He is an amazing human being.”

Shulman explained that the campaign was a way for the community to show him how much they cared and valued his service. The goal was to send him back to school—and folks have raised way more the goal amount of $10,000: $21,098 has already been donated!

“It’s amazing how people appreciate the small things that I do,” said Gopansothilingan. “I love people. This is who I am, giving back and making people smile.”

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Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi