“This Is So Crazy!”—Friends Surprise Colorblind Man With Special Glasses That Let Him See Color For The First Time

A pair of glasses is helping a man see life in a completely new way.

Mac Erves is a 22-year-old musician whose friends did something special for his birthday. Being colorblind, his friends went in on a pair of colorblind glasses so he could experience color for the first time.

The glasses help correct common red-green colorblindness by blocking some of the light that comes through. This helps prevent the red and green light wavelengths from intersecting, causing this common form of colorblindness.

The glasses range from $100-$300, depending on the brand, making them a simple gift for Erves’ friends to chip in on.

Social media fell in love with Erves and his new glasses when he uploaded his reaction to Twitter.

The endearing video went viral, with nearly two million views on Twitter and 180K likes.

In the thread, Erves shared more of his reaction to the new glasses. In the second video, Erves is wandering around the front yard, looking at everything, specifically red and green items like grass and cars. In the video, he repeats “BRO!” over and over, amazed at his new view.

“DAWG! THIS IS SO CRAZY!” he yells toward the end.

“I was at a loss for words,” Erves told TODAY in an interview. “For them to actually go out of their way and remember and do something for me like that when I never expressed how badly I wanted the glasses, it made me feel really good.”

Erves also made sure to give his thoughtful friends a shout-out on Twitter.

According to Erves, putting on the glasses makes the world pop.

“With the glasses, you see how things are supposed to be,” he said. “I’ve always seen what I’ve seen, but then when these glasses corrected my vision, it’s something I won’t forget.”

Shout out to Erves’ homies. They really outdid themselves with this one.


Written by Lindsay Patton