Nothing Like Grabbing An Ice Cold Deer With The Boys—Fishermen Risk Lives To Save Baby Deer Trapped On Frozen Lake

Winter can be very unforgiving, even to the creatures that are equipped to survive it, as this baby deer found out.

The little deer was struggling to stand on the iced-over lake in Garfield County, Utah. The effort the deer put into getting up left it exhausted.

Bransen Jackson and his friend Gage Bell were ice fishing at the same lake and noticed the fawn struggling to get up. Jackson yelled to his friend, “Dude, that’s a deer!” and the two launched a rescue plan.

The plan was dangerous, with the ice not completely secured. At one point, Bell had his boot go through the ice on his way over to the deer.

The two trudged on.

When they got close enough, Jackson picked up the deer, who was calm during the rescue.

“…it kind of understood OK these guys are going to try and help me,” Jackson told 2KUTV. “I picked up the deer and [the ice] cracked a little bit, and I was like ‘Oh my gosh,’ and I so I just hurried up and took off for the shore and hoped for the best.”

The deer remained calm, even when Jackson started to pick up the pace.

“Honestly, I was expecting to pick it up and get kicked and it would start thrashing about and freak out, but it was just so docile and like ‘I can’t do this on my own, this help is great.’ It was a pleasant surprise for sure! We were trying to calm it and it was just so cool to be, you know there was nothing holding it there and it wasn’t thrashing and you could just pet it and it was super calm, so it was just like a big dog – it was cool.”

When the three got to shore, the deer needed a moment to shake off the frightening experience. Once it gained its footing, it ran into the hills.


Written by Lindsay Patton