Five-Year-Old Breaks Piggy Bank To Make 200 Cards For Local Nursing Home

Nitin & Shachi Chopra via CNN

Quarantine has been so hard on kids. Sometimes, it feels like things will never get back to normal. They are often bored or overwhelmed, wondering what they can do to keep busy. Well, one five-year-old certainly came up with a solution.

Aryana Chopra ended up designing and crafting hundreds of cards for the residents of Willow Point nursing home in Vestal, New York because she knew that the residents would be unable to celebrate the holidays due to COVID-19.

“I got an idea of making cards for the people in the nursing home who can not go out and meet their friends and family because of the coronavirus,” said Aryana.

Nitin & Shachi Chopra via CNN

Aryana, whose father is a doctor, knows the seriousness of quarantining and the risks posed to the elderly by the virus. She decided that some greeting cards might cheer up the nursing home residents.

Aryana’s mother, Shachi Chopra, said her daughter was undaunted at making a large batch of cards for the nursing home.

“They told me the number was 200. I went back to Aryana and asked, ‘Will you be able to make 200 cards? She was like, ‘Yes, Mommy, I can do that.’ For her, at a little age, to be thinking this way, my heart totally melted.”

Nitin & Shachi Chopra via CNN

Each card that Aryana designed included unique drawings and special messages for the New Year. The project took about two weeks to finish—and when Aryana finished the 200 hundred cards, she decided she needed to make even more. So she broke her piggy bank open and took her savings to buy a Santa Claus statue and a vase for the nursing home.

“She wanted to get a cake but the cake was not allowed because of the pandemic,” Shachi said.

One resident wrote a thank you letter to Aryana saying, “It sure put a smile on my face and a tear or two in my eyes.”

Aryana would like to visit the nursing home “once the coronavirus goes away.”

“Kids, they think about what do they get in return, but she was like, ‘No, mommy, you know what blessings are, they work wonders. If 200 people are going to bless me, that would be the biggest New Year’s gift for me.'”

Lead image: CNN

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi