Update: GoFundMe For Homeless Man Who Returned Grandma’s Wallet Rakes In Over $48k

Two weeks ago, we told you about a man experiencing homelessness who did a very decent thing: upon finding a wallet inside a dumpster, he returned it to its rightful owner. Sean Currey found the wallet by the Kamson Coffee Shop in the San Francisco Bay Area and sought out its owner, Evelyn Topper.

Now, inspired by Currey’s action, Topper’s daughter and granddaughter have started a GoFundMe campaign to help Currey find shelter and get work.


According to The Washington Post, Kamson had stopped to pick up bubble tea at the coffee shop to deliver to her granddaughter, but her wallet fell out of her vest pocket and she didn’t realize its absence.

The next day, Topper received a call from Currey. He had found her wallet while looking through the dumpster. He arranged a meeting to give her back the wallet despite friends telling him to use the credit cards before they were canceled.

The GoFundMe campaign outlined its goals: to help Sean get off the streets and to find him work.

“In the short-term, we would like to get Sean off of the streets and into a temporary housing situation that keeps him safe and warm. He is currently on the waiting list to receive one of the fifty (50) coveted Marin County Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers which will assist him with a more permanent solution.”

“In the long-term, with your assistance, we would like to partner with Sean to create a sustainable row of tiny houses for the San Rafael homeless community at large, using his design and construction experience.”

“This isn’t about charity. It’s about Compassion, the highest form of LOVE.”

So far, the GoFundMe has raised over $48,000.

Currey was floored by the response.

“Who knew that returning a wallet to someone I didn’t know would turn into something that was going to spark,” said Currey in a recent YouTube video. “It’s gonna spark a new movement to help people help themselves and have a better life.”

Lead image: GoFundMe

Written by Patricia Grisafi