Dog Thought Family’s Newborn Might Be A New Toy, Now He’s World’s Greatest Babysitter


Babies and dogs—is there anything better? Now there’s a new adorable duo in town, Golden Retriever Hinckley and baby Teddy.

Sweet footage of the two inseparable friends is making the rounds on social media, showing the bond between a dog and his tiny human sibling.

Whitney Parks, 37, from Boston, said that one-year-old Hinckley originally thought baby Theodore was a toy just for him.


Theodore, whose nickname is Teddy, was born in October 2020 (and is certainly not a toy). But Hinckley quickly got the idea. After a few nights, the family dog was keeping watch over Teddy while the baby slept.

Whitney, who works in communications, said that Hinckley is fascinated by everything Teddy does.


Whitney said: ‘When we first brought Teddy home Hinckley thought we had brought him home a new toy just for him. He had been the center of our world for a year so I can understand why he thought that.”

New parents can be nervous that the family pet might be jealous or even act aggressively to the baby. There are a whole host of integrating activities that concerned families can employ to make sure that the family pet understands they are not being replaced or deprived or resources.

But it sounds like Hinckley feels pretty secure with his place.

“Hinckley joins every feeding. Generally, Teddy is on my left and Hinckley is on my right, it’s a special time for the three of us to bond and snuggle,” she said.

“Sometimes when I am not paying attention after Teddy has finished his bottle, Hinckley will quietly walk away with Teddy’s dirty burp cloth and I can’t help but laugh.”

“My heart melts watching the two of them together, it’s clear that Hinckley is taking on the role of big brother looking out for the wellbeing of his younger sibling. I honestly can’t get enough.”

“I am looking forward to when Teddy can engage more with Hinckley and they can become best friends who have endless adventures together.”


Hinckley has his own Instagram, so check out his continued adventures with his little brother!

Lead image: Instagram

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi