Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Are Psyched They Might Get Super Bowl Invites Because Super Bowl Fever Is Contagious Too


Historically, the NFL hasn’t been the best role model for America. The organization seriously mishandled Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest, has a high tolerance for domestic abuse and sexual misconductjust last year got rid of the racist Washington Redskins name and pays its cheerleaders pennies.

Not great!

The organization is spending 2021 making up for its deep, systemic issues. (Washington is currently deciding on a new name for its team, going by “Washington Football Team” in the interim.)

Now there are rumors that the NFL could have an audience full of vaccinated healthcare workers during the Super Bowl.

The idea came from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who sent the request in a letter to the Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee President.

In the letter, Goodell wrote:

“I wanted to let you know that during our League Meeting today we plan to discuss Super Bowl LV, including an exciting idea to honor and thank health care workers for their extraordinary service during the pandemic. We will also use this as an opportunity to promote the importance of vaccination and appropriate health practices, including wearing masks in public settings.”

“We are currently discussing with public health officials our desire to invite vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl as our guests. Subject to their approval and in consultation with your team, we aim to do this in a safe and responsible way.

We all know that over the past year, these frontline workers have put their own lives at risk to the benefit of society and we owe them our ongoing gratitude.”

Key word being “vaccinated.” Safety first, y’all!

The news excited health workers all over, who began tweeting about the Super Bowl, begging the NFL to choose them to fill the stadium.

Come on, NFL! Do the right thing! Let’s give our beloved front-line workers the time of their lives!

Lead image: NFL/Twitter


Written by Lindsay Patton