Proud Dad Shares Sweet Note Written To His 10-Year-Old Son By The Lonely New Kid He Welcomed At School

Being the new kid is never easy, and this proud dad showed how his son made someone else’s day a little bit brighter.

Ravi Kahlon is the British Columbia Minister of Jobs, Economic Recover and Innovation and father to a 10-year-old boy who made a big difference in someone’s life.

On Twitter, Kahlon shared a proud dad moment, one where he saw the positive effect his son’s actions had on another person.

Kahlon’s son came home with a heartwarming note from a new student at his school. If you’ve ever been a new kid, you know how scary it is to enter into a world where friendships are already formed. You want people to like you, you want to make friends. Basically, you want anything that helps you feel less lonely.

For this particular student, their day wasn’t that lonely, thanks to Kahlon’s son and his friend. The two saw the student sitting outside by himself and took it upon themselves to hang out with him and make him feel welcome.

The gesture meant so much to the boy that he wrote what may possibly be the sweetest note of all time.

Fair warning to grab a tissue or six:

“Sitting with me outside felt better than anything,” the note read. “Thank you so much. I would like to ask you if I can start joining you guys outside.”

The letter also had a drawing of a sky with a rainbow and clouds.

People on Twitter were touched by Kahlon’s son. The tweet received 473.7K likes and 36.5K retweets. In the comments, people shared how they are raising their children to do the same.

Parents of children who have been the new kid or often feel left out shared how much these small gestures mean to their kids.

One woman shared a photo of her and the two people who reached out to her when she was the new kid. The three have since enjoyed four decades of friendship.

Ravi Kahlon: B.C. Minister and amazing parent.


Written by Lindsay Patton