Pot For Shots: Marijuana Dispensary Giving Free Weed To People Who Get COVID Vaccine

michigan dispensary vaccine pot for shots
Fox 2 Detroit/YouTube

“Pot for Shots” might be a catchy rhyming slogan, but for one Michigan marijuana dispensary, it’s a way to encourage people to beat the pandemic one vaccination (and joint) at a time.

Anyone who brings in written proof that they received a COVID-19 vaccine to the Greenhouse of Walled Lake, located in the Detroit metro area, will get a free pre-rolled joint, the dispensary said in a statement reported on by Metro Times.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccination as we as a community battle this horrible pandemic,” owner Jerry Millen said.


“‘Pot for Shots’ is our way of showing our commitment in assisting helping the community get back to normalcy. We support the safe and responsible use of cannabis and hope this is the beginning of the end of this insidious pandemic.”

Millen, interviewed by Fox 2 Detroit, said they recently gave away 500 joints in a single Sunday, and over the course of the 30-day campaign, expect to give as much as $50,000 in cannabis to those who show they’ve been inoculated against COVID-19.

On their website, they noted:

“We’re all hoping that the Covid vaccine is the beginning of the end for this pandemic that has taken such a toll on our neighbors, our communities and our nation. If you choose to get the Covid vaccine (we always support the freedom of choice) this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for helping to end this pandemic and getting us back to normal.”

The site also links to the page for signing up for vaccines in Oakland County, where Waller Lake is located.

The Fox 2 Detroit report noted that “motivating people to get the COVID-19 vaccine is a real issue that the state is facing,” adding, “Public mistrust, mixed with a haphazard rollout of the vaccine, is painting the inoculation phase of the pandemic as one of dysfunction.”

An AP story published Sunday illustrates that Michigan wants to inoculate its people, but it’s dependent on receiving the vaccine. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is confident that the state can provide 50,000 vaccinations to Michiganders each day, but is only getting about 60,000 doses a week of the Pfizer vaccine.

“Everyone who wants a vaccine is going to get one,” she said. “Depending on how quickly we get those vaccines to the state, that’s what going to determine how quickly we’re going to be able to get to everyone.”

For those who can get theirs early, of course, there’s a little added incentive.


Written by Phil West