Snowy Owl Graces Central Park With Its Majestic Presence For The First Time In Over A Century


New York City birdwatchers, rejoice! A snowy owl has been seen hanging out in Central Park—the first in over a century according to experts.

The bird was seen on Wednesday on the North Meadow ball field, according to witnesses. The snowy owl is not usually seen in urban spaces. In the area, snow owls are more likely to be seen at the beach on Long Island or in other habitats that are similar to the tundra.

If you happen to see the snowy owl, please, whatever you do, leave it alone. Please DO NOT DISTURB THE OWL.

“You’ve got to keep a respectful distance,” says director of development at the NYC Audubon Society, Kellye Rosenheim. “They’re easily spooked and it is absolutely essential to their survival that they’re able to rest during the day.”

“Snowy owls prefer a lot of personal space and are best viewed through scopes or binoculars. Please keep your distance so everyone can enjoy and share this magic moment,” the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation said in a tweet.

Lead image: Twitter

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi