A City In Mississippi Is Paying People To Move There And Live For A Year

natchez mississippi will pay you to move there
James Case/Flickr

If you’re looking to make a brand new start in a small, charming town with great sunsets, you might want to check out Natchez, Mississippi. For a time, you might even get paid to move and live there.

The city of Natchez, located on the Mississippi River about 90 miles north of Baton Rouge, is incentivizing people to move there.

According to CNN, there’s an initiative underway for “remote workers across the country to relocate to their ‘charming and historic community'” for one year through a program called Shift South.

If you qualify, you can receive $2,500 to fund moving expenses plus a $300 monthly stipend for one year.

“We are excited to be the first and only city in the Deep South to offer an incentive like this to remote workers,” Natchez mayor Dan Gibson told CNN. “Our warm and friendly people, the (Mississippi) river at our feet, our history and our beautiful sunsets make Natchez a great city to call home.”

There are some steps along the way, though, if you’re thinking about packing up and going. You need to be employed in the US as a remote worker. You must establish primary residency in Natchez, purchasing a home valued at $150,000 or higher within the city limits of Natchez. You must live in that home while owning it for at least a year.

But that will get you a lot of home in Natchez, which has a population of about 15,000 and, according to Zillow, a median home price of $96,000.

They’re only making it available for 30 qualified applicants, but for those who are interested, it could have financial benefits beyond the initial stipend.

Gibson told CNN that, given an anticipated rise in property taxes and sales taxes, he predicts a return on investment within the next two years for people who invest in Natchez now.

“The pandemic has really been a wake-up call to what people have been feeling for a long time,” Gibson said. “They’re tired of the big cities, the high cost of living and the long commutes. With this offer, you can live in a beautiful, historic small town where everything is convenient and affordable.”


Written by Phil West