“I’m Cold, I’m Scared”—Staten Island Man Miraculously Saved Elderly Woman Ahead Of Snowstorm

With the recent snowy weather, Staten Island man Pedro Correa didn’t give much thought to moving around his Honda. He’s owned the car for 30 years and he rarely uses it. In fact, Correa had recently parked the vehicle in a number of different places, and then one time he had simply forgotten to lock it. 

Pedro Correa via New York Post

When a neighbor notified Correa that they thought they saw someone inside his car, he was shocked. Even more shocking was discovering that there was indeed someone inside the car—a frail 87-year-old woman—and that the window to the car was cranked down.

Immediately, Correa jumped into action, after all, New York was expecting an exceptionally bad snowstorm at any moment.

“She was so tiny…. She looked up at me and said, “I’m cold. I’m scared. Can you please help me?”… If she didn’t have the smarts to roll the window down I wouldn’t have gone into that car for two weeks.”

He grabbed blankets and wrapped the woman up, taking extra care of her feet, which were uncovered. The woman had wandered off from her house right before the latest snowstorm they were expecting. Correa stated that he believed that it was a total miracle that she survived the ordeal.

“Ten minutes after I found her, it started to really snow, I would have never seen her. She got so lucky she got into that car. If she got into a regular car, everything is power windows, so she wouldn’t have been able to roll down the window.”

The woman has since been reunited with her family.

Notably, this is not Correa’s first brush up against impossible odds. He has survived 9/11 when the second tower fell, he has served and fought in Iraq, and he saved his wife and children when Superstorm Sandy razed his Oakwood Beach home, forcing them to swim through floodwaters to safety.


Written by Abigale Racine