After A Grieving Family Was Shamed For Leaving Their Christmas Lights Up, The Neighbors Put Theirs Back Up In Solidarity

Sara Pascucci

According to the Washington Post, a Long Island family received an interesting piece of mail recently, an anonymous, typed -out letter that scolded them for still having their Christmas lights up in February. The letter read, “Take your Christmas lights down! Its Valentines Day!!!!!!!”

Sara Pascucci

Sara Pascucci shared that while the letter would have bothered her under normal circumstances, it hit especially hard now. In January, in less than one week apart, Pascucci lost her father and her aunt to COVID-19.

Sara Pascucci

Her father, who has lived with her, had put up the Christmas decorations that she was now receiving angry letters regarding. He put them up after Thanksgiving, as he did each year. Following his death, Pascucci couldn’t bring herself to remove the decorations quite yet. Pascucci told her story to the Washington Post.

“A major blow to the heart… No one really knows what is going on inside the house or why we didn’t take down the decorations. I couldn’t believe someone would do this.”

Sara Pascucci

Pascucci was motivated to post about the letter in a Long Island Moms Facebook group, detailing why the note was so painful, in the hopes that the anonymous send may see her post.

“For anyone in the Bethpage area — if you know of a person who would do something so insensitive like this please pass along my message…. Our entire family was sick with COVID starting December 24th. Within this timeframe, we lost 2 family members. One being my father…

He loved decorating our house every year for the holidays ever since we were children and he took so much pride in doing so. He did it for us, especially for my 2 year old son who he loved so dearly.”

Pascucci elaborated on the struggles the family faced this winter, including funeral arrangements, bills, and their immense grief. She then added that she hasn’t been in the mood to take the Christmas decorations down, and she wouldn’t apologize for it.

The post exploded, with the Facebook group and the local community feeling outraged. Pascucci’s Facebook inbox was soon filled with messages of encouragement and support. She started receiving flowers, heartfelt cards, and meals. A GoFundMe account was even created to help the family cover costs.

“I was completely floored and overwhelmed… I didn’t post it looking for pity. But people should think before doing things like this, especially right now with everything going on in the world.”

Sara Pascucci

The best part? Neighbors started to demonstrate their love and support by redecorating their homes in their Christmas decorations.

To mark Valentine’s Day, the whole community is planning to light up their homes in honor of the Pascucci family and others who have lost their lives to COVID.

In hindsight, Pascucci is thankful for the letter. 

“I actually want to thank that person, for bringing me all this love and support in a time when I needed it most,” she said.


Written by Abigale Racine