Something To Smile About: Girl Uses Tooth Fairy Money To Help The Homeless

When Amaya Thompson, 5, of Stevenage, UK, received £50 for her tooth fairy money, she had an unusual request for her mother. Instead of spending her hard-earning money on candy or toys, she wanted to help the homeless instead.

Samantha Field

The generous little girl was inspired by seeing other people give money to the homeless. Thompson and her mother decided to create 20 goody bags for homeless individuals, all with the intent to make them smile. Contents of the ‘bags of love’ included toiletries, food, and a heartfelt letter and drawing from Amaya. 

Samantha Field

Thompson’s mother Samantha Field, 34, explained that her daughter received such a generous sum for her two lost teeth due to being an only child and from being the sole granddaughter. 

“She’s an only child, and an only grandchild as well, so she’s very well looked after – she never goes without anything. I’ve always been one to remind her that she is very lucky so that she doesn’t get complacent with the things that she gets. I’m very big on making sure she’s kind to other people. She’s just had two teeth out at the dentist and as you can imagine with her being an only grandchild, she ended up getting loads of money.”

The bags were donated and handed out to those in need by a local homeless charity, Feed Up Warm Up. The response was overwhelming, and recipients were incredibly moved. Thompson and Field decided to take it a step forward and make more bags, by arranging a JustGiving Page. In just 48 hours, they were able to raise £1,165.

Field is extremely proud of her daughter and how her generous action has made such an impact.

“I’m so proud of her. She’s obviously had a lot of input from me, but it’s all been her idea and that’s what has been so special about it.”

Written by Abigale Racine