Couple Hikes Miles To Rescue Lost, Frozen Golden Retriever

These animal-loving hikers performed a huge act of selflessness when they discovered Neesha, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever.

Sweet Neesha spent two weeks on her own, after running away from a deer. Her family — which includes her two people and another dog, a German Shepherd named Harley — was getting some outdoor exercise when the deer spooked both dogs. Harley was discovered the next day, but Neesha was nowhere to be found, even after a thorough search.

Her people were beginning to give up hope.

“We went on social media and posted it out. Then a weekend later, we were still looking for her, we were starting to give up hope,” Erina O’Shea Goetelen told The Irish Times. “We just thought she was 8, it’s been two weeks, there was no way she could survive that.”

But Neesha did, thanks to Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois Bonnet, who found her curled up and shivering next to some rocks.

The two helped bundle her up with clothing and then went back down the mountain.

The entire trek was more than six miles, and Neesha was carried the entire way. She had been in the elements for so long that she was too cold to move.

They brought her back home for a sleepover filled with warmth, cuddles, food, and love. Then the couple got to work tracking down Neesha’s family.

They were able to connect with the relieved family and shared the reunion on TikTok.

The video received more than two million views and 501.5K likes.


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The video did so well that many TikTok users asked for a Neesha update. The great news is that Neesha is happy, warm and with her family.

In the video, it was revealed she had lost a third of her weight while lost and is currently working on gaining it back.


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What a lucky dog. Sending lots of love and healing to Neesha!


Written by Lindsay Patton