High Note: Teen Makes His 110-Year-Old Great-Grandma’s Dream Of Being A Famous Singer A Reality

When Amy Hawkins, 110, was young, it was the end of World War I, and she dreamt of becoming a world-class entertainer. She toured with a dance company across the country, but she was discouraged and stopped by her mother, who thought that the profession was unladylike.

Decades later, with the help of her great-grandson, Sacha Freeman, 14, Hawkins is finally getting the recognition she sought after.

Hannah Freeman

Hawkins lives in South Wales with Freeman and his mother, Hannah Freeman. The family unit has grown even closer since the COVID-19 lockdown, with the living arrangement encouraging the teenager and the elderly woman to develop a close bond. 

Despite the age difference and the fact that Hawkins hasn’t sung professionally in decades, the two love singing and performing together. While celebrating Hawkin’s 110th birthday, Hannah Freedman suggested that her son record a video of Hawkins singing It’s a Long Way to Tipperary and upload it to TikTok


In a matter of days, the video garnished over 100,000 views and an overwhelming amount of approval and positive comments. 

Screenshot TikTok

“Reading the comments, people have been in tears, because they miss their family or [think] about [the] family they have lost.

I think that has been a real lesson for Sacha too and has restored my faith in humanity in such a difficult time for everyone.”

Hannah Freeman via BBC

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Written by Abigale Racine