Mensch With A Winch: Texas Man Pulls 150 Stranded Drivers Out Of The Snow

In the last few snowy days in Texas, Austin resident Ryan Sivley has helped out a whopping number of 150 people stranded out on the side of the road.

Sivley has used chains, ropes, and the power of four-wheel drive to rescue stranded motorists in the freezing temperatures. He doesn’t want money, he just feels the compulsion to help others during the brutal winter conditions.


“I’ve been helping anybody I find on the side of the road. I do a lot of off-roading with different groups in Austin, so I had recovery straps and chains and I have two trucks that are four-wheel drive.”

Ryan Shivley

If that wasn’t enough, Sivley has made it a priority to help out stranded nurses and essential workers make it to work. He has even driven patients home from the hospital. 

Sivley feels personally-invested, having experienced a bad car accident himself last March. The accident almost took his life, shattering his pelvic bone. Shively is only able to walk two hours a day, but he is still able to drive pain-free just fine.

“Everybody is really happy.”

Ryan Shivley

Written by Abigale Racine