Grocery Delivery Driver Gets Stuck In Couple’s Yard After Texas Snowstorm So They Let Her Stay For The Week

The recent cold snap affecting the United States has been devastating for Texas, a state that doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle freezing temperatures.

Over the past week, Texas has been grappling with deadly winter conditions, with temperatures reaching as low as -2 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest the state has seen since 1949.

Delivery driver Chelsea Timmons was making her last delivery for the day. What she didn’t know was the customers would become an important part of her life.

Timmons’ last stop was the home of Doug Condon and Nina Richardson. However, as she made her way into their driveway, the outdoor conditions pulled her into the couple’s flowerbed.

Condon and Richardson saw Timmons outside their home and rushed over to help. Unfortunately, after an hour of attempting, they couldn’t get her Toyota Rav4 out of the flowerbed it was stuck in, so they invited Timmons inside while she called a tow truck.

Since many Texans were in a similar situation, tow truck companies were slammed and weren’t able to tend to Timmons’ emergency. So, Condon and Richardson opened up their home to her.

“At some point, we realized we were going to have a houseguest for a few days,” Condon said.

He was right. Timmons stayed at their home for five days while waiting for assistance, staying in the couple’s guest room. An aspiring bakery owner, she even made them a coconut cake, which Condon called “Amazing.”


Timmons ended up in the right place at the right time. Condon and Richardson had power at their home, while Timmons did not have power in her apartment complex. So for five days, Timmons ate well, cuddled with the couple’s two dogs and spent time connecting with her hosts while waiting for the freeze to pass voer Texas.

“I’m so grateful for these two and grateful that they were not only able but very willing to just let a stranger into their home and keep me safe warm and fed and make me feel comfortable,” Timmons said. “If my car was stuck in front of anybody else’s house, I don’t think that I would be in this situation.”


Written by Lindsay Patton