Food For The Soul: Texas Grocery Store Loses Power In Snowstorm, Lets Customers Leave With The Food In Their Carts

By now, Texas is recovering from the deep, record-breaking freeze it saw earlier this month. It was a natural catastrophe that was deadly and decimated many areas across the state.

For days, people were without heat, power, and water. Families resorted to burning furniture just to stay warm. Communities banded together to share resources and help each other.

Texas grocery store H-E-B is getting attention for the kind actions its leadership showed to customers.

TR Henry was shopping at H-E-B when the power went out. Henry and other customers continued shopping but wrapped things up quickly in case customers are told to stop shopping.

Henry shared his experience at H-E-B on Facebook, where the post received 21K reactions and nearly 30K shares. You’ll see why.

In the post, Henry writes:

“We got to a line with about 10 full carts in front of us and there were many other lines to both sides of us and many people behind us – probably several hundred people waiting to be checked out. BTW: the store had lots of empty shelves already but there was still enough stuff for most people’s needs.

We waited in line for about 15-20 minutes and barely moved up 1-2 slots. Then all of a sudden we started moving faster. We both thought: Wow, they are checking out people quickly. Must be all hands on deck.”

Then something strange happened.

“She then said: ‘Please go ahead but we can’t bag anything up for you.’ At first, Deb and I were a bit confused and I asked: ‘How or who do we pay for our groceries?’ We probably had a couple of hundred dollars worth of groceries. She said: ‘Just go ahead and be safe driving home.’ Then we noticed the lines of people after the checkout stands proceeding with full carts of groceries all being directed out the store with many employees there to greet us on our way out.”

H-E-B solved the problem by letting all customers leave the store with the groceries in their carts.

“Deb began tearing up which always gets me teared up too – as we could not believe the generosity of H.E.B. and the kindness of that wonderful gesture. They could just as easily asked us all to leave the store as soon as the power went out and asked us to just leave the groceries in the carts. But instead, they allowed people to continue to shop for another 10-15 minutes after the power went out and then let everyone leave the store without so much as a single dollar being asked for from the hundreds of people leaving the store.”

Henry wraps up the post by thanking H-E-B and its employees’ generosity.

“I salute H.E.B. for the kindness they showed us, the thoughtfulness they showed us, the generosity they showed us, and the caring that they showed us (along with the other hundreds of fellow Texans in the store at that time).

From the bottom of mine and Deb’s heart, we will never forget what you did when no one would have blamed you for taking a different action and when no one expected such a wonderful gesture.”



Written by Lindsay Patton