Stranger Buys Basketball Hoop For Little Boy Shooting Hoops Into Garbage Can

devin hinkston

Devin Hinkston, 30, saw a young boy playing basketball in his Louisiana neighborhood of Alexandria, but he noticed that a boy was using a trash can for a basketball hoop. He decided to perform a good deed and purchase the young athlete a basketball hoop of his very own.

Hinkston pulled up in the driveway and surprised grandmother Patricia Williams and her 8-year-old grandson Jeremiah with the hoop, explaining that he saw the little boy shooting hoops into the trash can and he wanted to give him a gift. 

Williams said that her grandson loves basketball, that he plays in a league at their local church and brings his basketball with him everywhere. She was very touched by the stranger’s surprising gift, saying that Hinkston is, “an angel in disguise.

“Jeremiah was in the background jumping for joy and she was jumping and I was dropping tears, it was special.”

Devin Hinkston

Williams then uploaded a picture of Hinkston and Jeremiah to Facebook, where the post has gotten thousands of views.

This young man knocked on my door and said " Ma'am I seen your little boy shooting the ball in the trash can earlier and...

Posted by Patricia J Williams on Saturday, February 13, 2021
Facebook/ Patricia J Williams

The family has stayed in touch with Hinkston, and they have plans to meet up in the future. Hinkston shares that his dream is to start a nonprofit for the kids in the community for after-school activities.

“You should always be kind. You never know what somebody else is going through.”

Devin Hinkston

Written by Abigale Racine