Sister And Mom Of Six Acts As Surrogate So Gay Brother Can Have A Baby

Anthony Deegan/Facebook

Never underestimate the love a sister could have for her brother.

Hopeful parents Anthony Deegan, 38, and his fiance Ray Williams, 30, spent over a year trying to start their family. The couple tried to find a surrogate for their future child at social events hosted by Surrogate UK, and felt disillusioned and disheartened when they did not form a bond with anyone. 

Deegan’s sister Tracey Hulse, 42, offered to be a surrogate for them in the past, and the couple wrote off the offer as a joke. However, as the situation became more dire, Hulse insisted that she was sincere in her offer.

A year passed and they still hadn’t found a surrogate so I decided to help. I had already offered twice before but we laughed it off. Until the third time, I told them I would seriously like to carry their baby for them. I felt honoured when they said yes as it meant my brother trusted me enough to carry his baby.”

Tracey Hulse

Hulse has six children of her own, so Deegan and Williams felt completely comfortable with her carrying their child. 

After the huge decision was made, the Manchester couple donated sperm and took out a £36,000 loan to fund three rounds of IVF using two anonymous egg donors, choosing not to know who the father of the child would be.

“It was important for us to have a biological child. But it doesn’t matter which batch was used as Theo is our baby.”

Anthony Deegan

After two unsuccessful IVF treatments, the final treatment worked, and baby Theo was welcomed into the world on October 12, 2020. The couple say that they are closer to Hulse and their family more than ever before.

“Tracey and I have always been close – we are more like best friends. Then 17 years later, she introduced us to our son which will always be a special moment for us…

We couldn’t repay Tracey, you can’t put a price on what she has done for us. We are so proud of her for stepping into the situation and helping us achieve our dream family.”

Anthony Deegan

Lead image: Anthony Deegan/Facebook.


Written by Abigale Racine