Cookies ‘n’ Dreams: Troop Of Girl Scouts Experiencing Homelessness Sells Cookies In All 50 States

Girl Scout Troop 64224 is no ordinary scout troop. The troop members live in Micah House,  an emergency shelter house, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Since 2018, the rotating group of young ladies in Micah’s House have gotten to flex their entrepreneurial skills by selling the legendary, popular cookies. The troop ranges in ages from five to eight years old, and not only are they thrilled to be a part of the esteemed organization, but they take pride in being able to set goals and surpass them.

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“You can really see when they’ve got their sash or their vest on there is a sense of pride and belonging to something that is so respected. That’s always sacred and important for kids, but I think particularly during this pandemic.”

Beth Shelton, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

The youthful entrepreneurs then set their sights on an even more outstanding goal, challenging themselves to sell cookies in all 50 states, and Washington D.C. Even amidst the pandemic, the troop was able to achieve their goal, shattering all expectations. 

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Adapting to online sales has proven to be productive for the troop, as they were able to get the word out more for their cookie sales. Local members of their community and beyond have been able to help Troop 64224 reach their nationwide sales goal, ordering online and choosing to have them picked up or delivered.

“Having everything on social media this year is completely different, especially for the girls.”

Kayla Terrillion, child program specialist at Micah House
Micah House

One could say that this is friend-chip goals… Place your order from Troop 64224 HERE.


Written by Abigale Racine