“Book Lady” Is Giving Away Hundreds Of Books With The Goal To Hit 1 Million


It is an understatement to say that Jennifer Williams of Chantam, Virginia loves books. In fact, according to WDBJ7, she is affectionately known in her community as, “The Book Lady.”

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Three years ago, “The Book Lady” started collecting children’s books and giving them to the students at Chantam Elementary School. There are 263 students at the school, and each one receives a brand-new book. Williams has a lofty ambition to share her love of reading, hoping to donate 1 million books.

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Williams always does her act of service on the same day, distributing the books on author Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2nd.

“I want them to find a book that they love, that inspires them to want to find more great stories and keep reading.”

Jennifer Williams

Williams purchases the books for every single student at the school. She works a second job to be able to provide them, but this year proved to take more of a financial toll on her.

However, she doesn’t want to slow down or stop her mission, because she believes that books have the power to change a child’s future. In just 3 years time, she has handed out 63,000 books.

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Written by Abigale Racine