Boy With Cerebral Palsy Crawls To Save Family From Deadly Carbon Monoxide Leak

boy saves family cerebral palsy carbon

A Texas family is crediting one of its members — a 7-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy and spends a majority of his time in a wheelchair — for saving their lives.

The incredible story comes from Atascocita, Texas, where as KHOU-TV told the story, “Michael Martinez has been nothing short of a miracle since the day he was born. Although he’s like a lot of kids his age in a lot of ways, there are things that set him apart. Being in a wheelchair is one of those things.”

Michael, who has celebral palsy, was able to save his family from what a deadly situation this past month at their home. He awoke to a beeping sound in the night while seven of his family members were sleeping, and crawled into his parents’ room to alert them.

“I was shaking because I was scared,” Michael recalled, relaying the story of what happened that night to the TV station.

It turned out he was scared for good reason. The source of the beeping was a carbon monoxide detector. That gas, which is odorless but poisonous, and can even be fatal if people are exposed to it, was emitting from the family’s stove. Michael’s quick action alerted them to the danger, and likely saved their lives in the process.

“He’s our little hero,” said Michael’s mother, Angie. “He saved our family.”

Angie noted that she and her sister, who were already experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning when Michael alerted them to the alarm, were able to get to safety once they woke up.

Word got around to Michael’s school, and they shared his story with news media. His family also went online with a GoFundMe page to make one of Michael’s dreams come true — being able to trade in his current wheelchair for a power wheelchair to be able to get around more easily.


Written by Phil West