Nine Lives And Four-Eyes: Optician’s Rescue Cat Helps Kids Get Used To Glasses

Truffles isn’t your ordinary rescue cat. Truffles has a very important job to do at an optician’s office in the town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. 

The cat serves as an eyewear advocate, and will proudly wear glasses and other eyewear to teach kids how to wear them.

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After rescuing the cat in 2016, Truffle’s owner, Danielle Crull, noticed how quickly the pet took toward learning tricks. Crull, the optician and owner of A Child’s Eyes, suddenly had purr-fect vision for an idea. She decided to teach the talented feline how to wear glasses, so she could bring Truffles to the office and see if it would make her young clientele feel more comfortable. 

Most of the patients at A Child’s Eyes are between two and five years old, and are understandably nervous and scared during their visits. Crull’s idea of having Truffles on-staff has worked, and she has seen a transformation from crying and kicking and screaming, to a reaction of amusement. 

“It’s just like magic, as soon as the kids see her, they’re like, ‘Okay, glasses are amazing.'”

Danielle Crull

Truffles has a repertoire of about 20 pairs of glasses (without lenses) and sunglasses (with lenses). The cat is also comfortable with wearing eyepatches, to show solidarity with patients who have the eye condition amblyopia (AKA lazy eye).

Truffles also frequently stars in videos on how to prepare for eye exams and how to care for your eyewear.


“I think animals are healing in so many different ways, I can tell Truffles really feels like, ‘This is what I do. This is me.'”

Danielle Crull

You can follow Truffles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and on their very own website.


Written by Abigale Racine