Graphic Artist Creates Biodegradable Masks With Wildflower Seeds That Sprout When You Plant Them


As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, we’ve struggled with a whole lot of things — staying home all year, changing our work and personal lives dramatically, and religiously wearing masks outside.


Unfortunately, those masks we’ve all been diligently putting on have a real environmental cost: when they get tossed, they aren’t good for our planet.

Thankfully, Marianne de Groots-Pons, a graphic designer from the Netherlands, has found our solution!


She writes on her website:

“All these years I have been working as a graphic designer I have used so many resources from nature to be able to make my drawings (especially paper), so I wanted to give it back to her. For weeks I fell on blue disposable masks, thrown on the streets and sidewalks, so I woke up one morning with the idea of ​​a biodegradable face mask with flower seeds on it. Thus, the earth remains happy, the bees, nature, people also happy. I am selling the mask with the name Marie Bee Bloom. And the world will flourish!”

The masks protect the wearer to the same extent that cloth masks do, which means they can be layered for more protection.

The masks are made of rice paper and contain visible flower seeds within the mask.


They are made in de Groots-Pons’ workshop in the Netherlands.

The cords are made of sheep wool instead of elastic, the latter of which is not biodegradable. The seeds stay in the mask via a glue made of water and potato starch. Even the logo is made of biodegradable ink.

After the mask is used, the wearer can simply bury it in the garden or a flowerpot. They will decompose in a landfill, but the flowers will be lost.

You can purchase the masks here.


Written by Kate Hackett