Boy With Autism Who Only Eats One Brand Of Waffles Gets The Recipe When The Company Discontinues Them

Screenshot via Global News

According to Global News, when brand Nature Path announced their plans of discontinuation of their frozen maple cinnamon waffles, a Surrey, British Columbia mother went into a panic.

Her nine-year-old son, Jerico Roman, has autism along with oral aversion and complex eating challenges. The growing boy will not eat anything other than these types of waffles, and he can easily put away two boxes of them in a day. 

Screenshot via Global News

“He will not eat anything [else], and it will spiral downhill,” said the desperate mom. “A parent not having food to feed to their child, especially with dealing with so challenges, I can’t even explain in words what that feels like.”

Worried that she would be unable to feed her child, Roman’s mother launched a GoFundMe fundraiser, an incredible effort to purchase every remaining box of the product in North America. 

The company is now following through on a pledge, ensuring that Roman will have all the waffles he could ever want. Nature Path launched a search in North America, finding the last six remaining cases of the maple cinnamon waffles in Illinois.

While Nature’s Path made mass batches of the product in the factory, they have modified the recipe for home use just for Roman and his family. They mailed the recipe to Canada, along with necessary ingredients, providing much relief for the family. 

“I am speechless,” said the tearful mother, “This is exactly what I needed… Thank you.”


Written by Abigale Racine