Small Town Surprises UPS Driver Who Goes Above And Beyond With $1,000 Gift And A Party

UPS driver Chad Turns is a neighborhood staple in the Central Pennsylvania town of Dauphin, a small town with a population of 800

“The whole town has had personal experience with Chad. He once thought a package was a gift and there was a picture on the front. My kids were playing outside so he waited until his shift was done and came back to make sure they didn’t see it.”

Adam Shickley, Dauphin resident

Dauphin resident Jenny Shickley shared that Turns often leaves treats for dogs when delivering packages. His kind and thoughtful actions were noticed by the community, even with him working extra long hours during the COVID pandemic.

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Shickley organized a special event, after people commented in a neighborhood Facebook group about how much they appreciated Turns and his work.

In just two weeks time, Shickley and the group collected $1,000 for their beloved UPS driver. They then surprised Turns with the monetary gift with a large card signed by community members, arranging a fake pickup for a package.

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“I’m still overwhelmed and it is touching that this community feels so strongly about me.”

Chad Turns

Turns believes that all UPS drivers deserve to be thanked in this way, acknowledging that it has been a difficult year.

“Chad is a great UPSer and has been delivering to Dauphin residents for more than a decade. Celebrations like this really highlight the bond our drivers have with their customer base. We appreciate that UPS drivers like Chad are being recognized for how they are moving our world forward.” UPS spokesperson Jackie Fajt 

Turns plans to pay it forward by continuing to provide the stellar service that he is known for.

Watch the unveiling of the surprise BELOW:

Posted by Adam Bryce on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Written by Abigale Racine