To Infinity And Beyond: Airline Returns Lost Buzz Lightyear Toy To His Owner With Note Detailing His Adventures

2-year-old Hagen Davis recently lost his beloved Buzz Lightyear toy on a flight to Dallas.

The Davis family was enroute to a funeral, according to a Facebook post from mom Ashley Davis. Ashley Davis shared that the loss was sudden, and the family had to quickly book plane tickets to attend the funeral.

After the family landed and started to drive in the rental car toward their destination, they noticed that Buzz was missing.

“When we landed at Lovefield I thought that I had collected all our things. When we got to the rental car and were getting situated I quickly realized we didn’t have Buzz.

My son was devastated, he loved his Buzz so much and even had his name written on the bottom of his boot just like the Buzz from the movie has Andy on his. I looked into how to claim lost items with SWA. The cost alone to submit a claim exceeded the cost of Buzz and chalked it up as a loss.”

Ashley Davis

Buzz had already departed on a flight to Little Rock, Arkansas when Ramp Agent Jason Hamm discovered him.

Luckily, Hagen had inscribed his name on the bottom of Buzz’s boot, and the agent was able to do a bit of investigating. He found that the name belonged to only one passenger who had been on the plane that day, and he decided that Buzz needed to be returned, but that the space cadet toy needed to go on an adventure before he was reunited with his friend.

A package for Hagen Davis was delivered to the house a week after the Davis family returned home. Inside was Buzz!

Included were pictures of Buzz having adventures at the Little Rock Airport and a note detailing his special mission and his long journey home.

Hagen and his family were elated for Buzz’s return, and were incredibly moved by the kind actions of Hamm.


“There’s definitely not enough good in this world, and for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us.”

Ashley Davis

Written by Abigale Racine