People Are Delighted With This Viral Video Of A 6-Year-Old Calming His 4-Year-Old Brother Using A Breathing Technique

A four-year-old boy was about to lose it over the Nintendo not being charged (relatable), when his six-year-old older brother intervened and helped him control his anger. 

The older brother encouraged him to breathe in and out, gently patting his brother’s back while saying, “Again… See? It helps you calm down.”

Mom recorded the teachable moment and posted it on Twitter.


According to mom, a moment before she started recording the video, her older son told his sibling, “I understand the pain, I do, but you just have to wait.”

The video has gained nearly 6 million views since Monday.

The internet has collectively lost their minds over how sweet and mature the gesture was from the big brother.


Even Ellen Degeneres got involved in the thread.


Mom also shared that it’s been a long journey toward this level of emotional maturity.

And she gave us a glimpse of her son’s reaction to seeing himself and his brother on the news:

We can all agree that this Momma is doing more than alright. Cheers to all the hard-working moms out there, we see you and appreciate you doing the most.


Written by Abigale Racine