That’s A Lotta Bananas: Stock Group Behind GameStop Saga Raises $265k For Gorillas

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Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International/Facebook

A group of Redditors who made a name for themselves earlier this year in a Wall Street saga involving GameStop stock is now turning its attention to saving gorillas.

The Reddit group WallStreetBets, in a bit of a play on the “apes” nickname the group’s given itself, is encouraging members to “adopt” a gorilla and donate funds to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

As People noted, that organization is invested in protecting two endangered gorilla species located in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda and Congo. The organization adds that for a donation to the fund, “anyone who wants to help in their efforts can symbolically adopt a gorilla.”

Reddit user Pakistani_in_Murica, a member of the WallStreetBets subreddit, claims to have “adopted” a gorilla named Urungano, born in June 2017.

As People noted, “The donation announcement garnered an incredible amount of attention on the subreddit, earning more than 112,000 upvotes as of Monday afternoon and hundreds of awards (which users have to purchase with real money to give out).”

The organization reported receiving more than $265,000 in donations over the past weekend.

“It’s safe to say that the #investor community on @reddit is not traditionally who we think of as our supporter base,” the Fossey Fund tweeted on Monday. “But they definitely surprised and overwhelmed us over the weekend.”

CNN Business asked, “Why gorillas?” before observing, “It’s a bit of an inside joke: WallStreetBets members refer to themselves and others on the page as ‘apes,’ as part of the group’s internal lingo.”

That article added, “One WallStreetBets poster said on Monday that the surge in donations to help save gorillas pointed to the benefits of making stock trading more accessible to individuals. Some members of the group have in recent days also discussed donating some of their ‘tendies’ (or earnings) from trading GameStop stock to workers in the gaming retailer’s stores.”

“Apes on Reddit will use (gains) to donate to good causes, pay medical bills, help the needy in their communities,” that user wrote. “I can’t wait for wealth to be given back to the little guy and have everyone benefit from it.”


Written by Phil West