Hanging By A Moment: Elderly Couple Dangling Over Gorge Get Rescued

An elderly couple miraculously survived after their truck plunged off a bridge, their car facing nose-down over a 100-foot gorge. The only thing that kept their pickup from falling was a set of safety chains attached to a 30-foot camper trailer, which remained on the bridge.

Magic Valley Paramedics / Facebook

Witnesses saw the truck lose control before the crash. First the vehicle swerved to the right shoulder barrier before it slid over the guardrail on the left side. The truck then dangled over the bridge and the camper blocked both lanes of traffic.

A state trooper and local sheriff’s deputy first responded to the scene. They acquired an additional set of chains from a nearby semi-truck, used to help support the suspended truck. Additional rescuers with cranes, ropes, and other emergency equipment arrived later.

Magic Valley Paramedics / Facebook

Emergency crews were able to rappel down to the car and safely remove the couple out of their truck, tying harnesses around each occupant. Also inside the vehicle were the couple’s two dogs. The dogs were also rescued and were looked after by a nearby family member while the couple went to the hospital.

Magic Valley Paramedics / Facebook

Thorough medical examinations were conducted, and luckily the couple have no life-threatening injuries.

‘It was terrifying. It was definitely a heroic rescue from everybody that was out there, and thankfully, they’re all fine. A rescue like this takes a lot of quick thinking and action but this is what they train for… That training just paid off today, and two people are alive because of the hours and hours of training that these emergency responders do.”

Lynn Hightower, Idaho State Police

The case remains under investigation.


Written by Abigale Racine