This Viral Chemistry Teacher Turned His Kitchen Into A Lab And Got Zoom-Bombed By Kevin Hart

With the onset of the pandemic and the switch-over to virtual learning, Washington D.C. high school chemistry and physics teacher Jonte Lee knew that he had to get creative to keep his students engaged. 

Lee, using his own money, transformed his kitchen into a chemistry laboratory and arranged to have 35 chemistry kits to be delivered to his students’ homes. 

Jonte Lee

The teacher then began recording his do-it-yourself lessons and posting them to social media, and has since gone viral with school children audiences as The Kitchen Chemist

Lee recently had a surprising guest appearance on his show from a household name, comedian Kevin Hart.

Hart crashed Lee’s Zoom classroom to inform him that the public school teacher had been selected to be highlighted on Amazon’s “Regular Heroes.”

“Regular Heroes” focuses on essential workers and how they have adjusted to the pandemic and are enriching their communities. 

Hart didn’t just deliver good news during the Zoom call, he had also purchased brand new chemistry equipment for the school and provided scholarship to the students as well. 

While Lee is appreciative of the award, he doesn’t consider himself a hero. He simply believes that he is relating chemistry to his students’ everyday lives, saying “I’m just doing me.”

Find Jonte Lee and The Kitchen Chemist here on Instagram.


Written by Abigale Racine