Teen Saves Best Friend’s Life 24 Hours After Taking CPR Course

Teenager A’zarria Simmons was lucky that her friend Torri’ell Norwood, 16, attended and paid attention during a CPR class. Norwood had to apply her CPR lessons just one day after taking the life-saving course, ultimately saving her best friend’s life.

Torri’ell Norwood

According to CNN, while she was driving 3 friends home, Norwood’s car was T-boned by a speeding driver, sending the car barreling into a tree.

Torri’ell Norwood

Because the impact crushed her door, Norwood had to climb out of the car window. Two of her passengers were unhurt and were able to safely remove themselves from the vehicle, however Simmons was still trapped in the car, unresponsive.

Simmons had hit her head on the rear passenger window, the blunt-force trauma resulting in life-threatening injuries. Norwood was able to pull Simmons from the car and check her vital signs.

The teen was unable to detect her friend’s pulse, so she began implementing the CPR techniques she learned the day before.

“A lot of people started to gather around to see what was happening. I started yelling, ‘Back up, back up, she needs space’…

That’s when I checked her pulse on her neck. I put my head against her chest, and I didn’t really hear nothing. So that’s when I just started doing CPR on her.”

Torri’ell Norwood via CNN

After 30 compressions and two rescue breaths, Simmons regained consciousness and paramedics arrived shortly after. Simmons was then transported to the nearest hospital.

Norwood learned her CPR skills at Lakewood High School’s Athletic Lifestyle Management Academy. Her instructor, Erika Miller, was proud of her student’s performance, noting that most of her student’s never have cause to use their training until they are training to be in the medical field.

“This is what every teacher dreams of, you know, that somebody listens, pays attention, learns something.”

Erika Miller via CNN

The teenagers have been best friends since the seventh grade, and this experience has only made their bond stronger.

“She will always help any way she can, to help anybody… Even if it wasn’t me, if was someone else and she knew she could do something to help, she would do it. So I wasn’t really shocked about that.”

A’zarria Simmons via CNN

Both Simmons and Norwood intend to have careers in the medical field in the future.

Find a CPR class near you through the Red Cross HERE.


Written by Abigale Racine