Keep On Truckin’: Senior Couple Brings Hundreds Of Thank You Cards To Truck Stops To Show Appreciation

Baking bread, knitting, tie-dying—many people have picked up new hobbies to distract themselves within the last year.

Married couple Beverly and Dick Perrin have developed a most unusual, but very sweet, quarantine hobby- bringing thank-you cards to truck stops.

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After seeing news stories that detailed some of the harsh realities of trucking during a pandemic, the Canadian pair decided that they would acknowledge the hard workers that have been upholding the functions of the nation.

Truck drivers have been the unsung heroes of the pandemic, dealing with increased orders and shortages, while facing restrictions that make their lives harder on the road, like not being able to use closed restrooms. 

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The Perrin’s began the action of kindness last April, starting with truck stops near their home in Chatham, Ontario. Almost a year later, they have handed out 1,000 cards. Each card has the same thoughtful, handwritten message.

“Thank you so much for bringing supplies to our stores. Even though it is sometimes under harsh circumstances. Take care. Stay safe. God’s blessing on you always. Love Beverly Perrin, a very grateful senior.”

Beverly Perrin
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Those who know the couple well say that the gesture is totally in-line with Perrin’s generous and caring characters.

“My husband and I do service for other people, I get more out of it than they get from me.”

Beverly Perrin

Written by Abigale Racine