Taylor Swift And Her Mom Donate $50,000 To Family Who Lost Dad To COVID

The family of Theodis Ray Quarles has been struggling since he passed from COVID-19 in December. A family friend arranged a GoFundMe fundraiser for the family and Quarles’ five young daughters.

Screenshot GoFundMe

The fundraiser description details, “Just as superstars and legends are seldom replaced, Theodis’ transition will forever leave a void on the Quarles team. Alyssa, Anaya, Asia, Allie and Aryah will miss him at breakfast, at their class plays, proms, recitals, graduations, college entries…and ultimately their weddings.”

A large and unexpected donation came from one of the biggest celebrities in the world and her mom—Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea.

Taylor Swift / Instagram

The Swifts contributed $50,000 to the Memphis-based family, and the Quarles are forever appreciative of the generous act. 

The goal for the fundraiser was set at $50,000, and as of Friday, it has exceeded over $64,000. Widow Vickie Quarles expressed her gratitude to all that had donated to her family.

“The road ahead will definitely not be the same without Theodis but with each day I am humbled and anchored in hope that I can continue to raise the girls to be as compassionate and caring as all of you…

I would like to especially say thank you to Andrea and Taylor Swift for your thoughtfulness and generosity from our home state of Tennessee. I appreciate the sweet personal note, it warmed my heart.”

Vickie Quarles 

This isn’t the first time the Grammy-winning pop star has dropped a surprise donation on GoFundMe.

Notably, Swift donated $30,000 to the GoFundMe of a student who was unable to pay her tuition last year, and had given $50,000 to a fan battling leukemia in 2015.


Written by Abigale Racine