Goodwill Employee Who Found And Returned $42,000 In Cash Gets To Keep A Chunk As A Reward

Recently, Goodwill sales associate Andrea Lessing was day-dreaming about her six-year-old daughter’s birthday present while she was sorting through recently donated clothes.

Lessing was checking for holes and rips when she discovered wads of $100 bills inside the pockets of old sweaters.

Her first thought was that the cash was fake, however, it was very much real and it totaled up to a whopping $42,000.

Lessing shared that she has only been employed at the charity store for a month and that she believes in karma, and she couldn’t imagine keeping the massive amount of money for herself, so she reported it missing.

Screenshot KFOR

The Norman, Oklahoma store was successfully able to track down who had donated the sweaters, thanks to identification documents that were bundled inside the money with the donation.

The rightful owners of the cash were moved by Lessing’s actions and honesty, so they rewarded the young mother with $1,000, in cash.

Lessing plans to use some of the money toward hosting an amazing, memorable party for her daughter.

“Her birthday is coming up in July, so I can actually give her an amazing birthday party…

I made the right decision… If you do something good, then something good will come back to you.”

Andrea Lessing

The long-lost $42,000 is not only the largest sum found in Oklahoma Goodwill history, it reportedly ranks among one of the largest finds for Goodwill internationally ever, as reported by KFOR

Moral of the story? Be sure to check your sweater pockets before you donate!


Written by Abigale Racine