“The Dope Educator” Brings Back Personalized Greetings For His Students Returning To School

Pre-pandemic, Memphis-based teacher David Jamison had a special routine that made each and every one of his 75 fifth-grade pupils feel valued. With each student, Jamison had a personalized greeting, all involving coordinated and unique moves.

The Hickory Ridge Elementary School teacher went viral last December with the daily routine. Now he is making modifications for his students as they re-enter the classroom.


Jamison knew it was important to require face masks and make an effort to limit physical contact, so adjustments to the morning dances have been made, as reported by TODAY NBC.

The Language Arts educator said that the greetings makes each student feel special and it gets them excited to be in the classroom, a ritual he is now trying to reestablish.  

“It increases that bond with the students. When you have that kind of relationship with a kid, they don’t want to let you down because they know you love and care for them.”

David Jamison
Screenshot Good Morning America

Jamison recovered from the Coronavirus last April, and he claimed that it has refreshed his perspective and he wants to focus on doing what he loves—teaching and inspiring others.

He said that having COVID opened his eyes to the idea that people behave differently after experiencing trauma, and helped him recognize that his students may face unknown obstacles at home.

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Written by Abigale Racine