3-Year-Old Found “Alive And Well” 4 Days After Going Missing In The Woods

Screenshot / Global News

On Wednesday, three-year-old Jude Leyton was found “alive and well” in the woods north of Kingston by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The little boy had been missing for four days and three nights before he was discovered sleeping near a beaver pond.


Police started their search Sunday afternoon and they believe that the toddler wandered away from the Bing Retreat Sunday, a property that the Leyton family owns. The OPP did not initiate an Amber Alert because they have strong reason to believe that Leyton “wandered” off the property and was not “abducted.” 

Leyton was found just under a kilometer away from the place he was last seen.

“There’s a body of water that’s attached to the property. So it was across that body of water. So a significant distance for sure.”

Constable Curtis Dick, Ontario Provincial Police

Somehow the youngster evaded the extensive search efforts that included 100 officers and search volunteers, canine units, helicopters, and water search and rescue teams.

The recovery came about just about an hour after police reduced the number of officers dedicated to the ground search. Luckily, Leyton was dressed well for the cold, rainy weather that he endured during those days alone and his warm clothing likely saved his life.


“What we can say for sure is that he was dressed for the weather. He had a winter jacket with a heavy wool sweater. His boots were still on. So given all those bonuses, he thrived actually, he did very well.”

Constable Curtis Dick, Ontario Provincial Police

Leyton was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance and he has been deemed in good condition by medical professionals.

Lead image: Screenshot / Global News.


Written by Abigale Racine