Man’s Petty Boss Pays His Final Paycheck In Greasy Pennies So CoinStar Steps In To Help Him Out


Andreas Flaten of Peachtree, Georgia quit his managerial position at A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks last fall, putting in his written two weeks notice in November. According to Inside Edition, the reason Flaten felt it necessary to quit was his employer not being supportive of him picking up his daughter from daycare at a designated time.

Andres Flaten / Screenshot Inside Edition

Unfortunately, Flaten’s two-week notice got cut short at five days due to harassment and a hostile work environment. Flaten delivered his washed uniforms in a box complete with another letter explaining why he was leaving earlier than intended.

Then Flaten’s final paycheck of $915 became overdue. His former employer was withholding the wages, citing damage to the shop, but Flaten suspected that it was because his boss was upset about him leaving the business.

Flaten eventually received the money he had earned… four months later in March, after contacting the Department of Labor and threatening to hire a lawyer.

Even more upsetting was the way Flaten received his well-deserved wages—scattered on his driveaway in the form of 91,500 oil-slicked pennies with a lovely handwritten note that read, “F*** you.”

Screenshot Inside Edition

Sadly, it is not illegal to pay someone in pennies, but it sure is petty. 

Flaten’s girlfriend Olivia Moxley posted videos of the astonishing collection of greasy pennies to her Instagram, her post detailing the inappropriate, abusive business conduct her partner endured. 

“First things first, when he quit he gave a written resignation letter complete with a two weeks notice. After Miles Walker of AOK Walker auto works continued to be the a**hole he is and make a normal workday hell, making unnecessary comments about my boyfriend’s daughter and just be an all-around d***, that 2 weeks turned into 5 days. My boyfriend respectfully delivered his uniforms washed and in a box complete with another letter as to why he was leaving early. Fast forward 3 months and he was refusing to send out the last paycheck claiming damages to the shop. Once the word “lawyer” was introduced, this is what he did.”

Olivia Moxley

Flaten and Moxley attempted to clean up the change in efforts to cash them in, however it proved to be an arduous, time-consuming process. Luckily, the coin-cashing company CoinStar intervened. 

Coinstar learned about Flaten’s situation and knew that they could help, understanding that this was no small task.

“Both the oil and the weight are going to make it very difficult to transport these coins.” 

Jeff Lail, Coinstar VP of North American Operations

Coinstar traveled to Flaten’s house and carted the pennies off, taking them to get properly cleaned, wrapped, and re-circulated. In the end, Flaten finally got his wages in crisp, clean bills. More importantly, he finally felt relief that the ordeal was over.

Flaten’s former boss has responded to critics as news about him and his business circulated.

“It doesn’t matter — he got paid, that’s all that matters… He is a weenie for bringing it up.”

Mike Walker, A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks Owner

Good riddance, A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks! Sounds like Flaten made the right call.

Written by Abigale Racine