Miracle On Ice: Stray Dog Stranded On Ice Floe For Four Days Gets Rescued And Adopted

A dog was stuck on an ice floe in the Detroit River between the US and Canada for four days and three nights last February.

Woodhaven Animal Hospital / Facebook

He was spotted by a wildlife photographer on the Michigan side of the river. Rather quickly, both sides of the border were trying to find a way to save the dog.

“We had to fight for him,” Patricia Trevino of the River Rouge Animal Shelter said to WXYZ-Detroit. “It was a level of frustration I’d never felt because this was a life; it was out there in front of us. We could all see it.”

Jude Mead and his son own a marine construction company in Ontario — and they decided they could help the dog.

Woodhaven Animal Hospital / Facebook

They were able to pilot their way over the ice in an airboat lent to the duo by BASF Corporation which allowed them to then get to the dog and secure him with ease.

Unfortunately, the dog had spent a long time in sub-zero temps and was under great duress during his time outside. He was looking rough.

The pup was rushed to Woodhaven Animal Hospital after his rescue and they confirmed that the dog had frostbite, dehydration, and pancreatitis. The matted fur may have been a blessing in disguise, the vets surmised; it kept him warm.

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“I feel like what saved him out there is the fact that he wasn’t groomed and his coat was pelted,” Dr. Lucretia Greear told The Detroit Free Press. “He had literally like a layer of insulation that protected him from the water and the ice and it protected him from freezing to death—but he’s a miracle.”

Woodhaven Animal Hospital / Facebook

The dog was renamed Miracle and put up for adoption once his recovery finished.

Many people applied, but when the man who saved him put his application in, the shelter thought: who better to take this dog home.

“Today the story came full circle. Today the little Miracle dog was placed into the hands of the hero who saved his life. That’s right—this dog who defied ALL THE ODDS will now live happily ever after with the man who saved his life,” Friends of the RRAS said.

“Miracle could not ASK for a better or more ideal family to love him! We are all so grateful for this happily ever after ending to this AMAZING story… Congrats Jude and family on the addition to your family! Happy life, Miracle!”


Written by Kate Hackett