Author With Asperger’s Inspires And Educates Others With His Art

Ever since Robert Kneitinger, diagnosed with Asperger’s, discovered art and writing, he says that, “Everyday just gets better and better.

The author has four children’s books available for purchase on Amazon. Currently, he is in the process of writing and illustrating two new books. The writer shares that his journey, especially during his school years, was difficult. Kneitinger acknowledges that being labeled as different made his life hard, and that he wants to use his talents to inspire and educate others. 


Once he connected with People Inc., a non-profit that helps older adults, families, and people with disabilities live more healthy, independent, and productive lives, Kneitinger’s life changed. 

His mentor, Don Jackson, encouraged him to start drawing, which resulted into becoming a children’s book. Soon, Kneitinger kept creating more stories and illustrations, which are showcased on his website “Robert Cares.”

Robert’s muse, his cat / Robertcares

He plans to give a portion of the proceeds of his book sales toward “help[ing] children and adults with developmental disabilities.” 

The author also has plans to travel to schools and give presentations and advice, coordinated by his boss.

“If you find something you are passionate about in your future, just go for it.”

Robert Kneitinger

Written by Abigale Racine