18 Years After Delivering Baby In Starbucks Bathroom, Former Barista Reunites With Him

Correction: An earlier version of this article and an Instagram post incorrectly attributed the original story to Today. It was originally written by Alan P. Henry of The Record North Shore.

Delivering a baby while on the job at Starbucks? That’s one tall order, but that’s exactly what one barista did 18 years ago, and now the two have reunited. 

Jonathan Celner, 18, was shocked to discover a message on his rarely-used Facebook account from Griffin Baron, the man who helped deliver him into this world nearly two decades ago in the bathroom of a Starbucks. 

YouTube/Griffin Baron

Baron was 21 years old at the time and was working as a shift supervisor at a Starbucks in Wilmette, Illinois when Celner’s mother unexpectedly went into labor three weeks early.

He had been in the backroom eating on his break when he heard screaming coming from the women’s bathroom. Baron then helped the mother deliver her baby in the coffee shop restroom. 

EMTs arrived a few minutes shortly after Celner was delivered and cut the umbilical cord. Mom and baby were taken to the hospital. The incredible story was originally covered by Alan P. Henry of The Record North Shore.

The former barista, now a father of two himself, said that it was an experience he will never forget. He cites it as one of the most memorable moments of his life, and that the store looked like “a complete war zone,” with the company having to shut down business for the day and bring in a hazmat team to clean up overnight.

Baron has been wondering for years what had happened to the kid and his family. Last spring, he stumbled upon a GoFundMe fundraiser for the now-teen and his older brother. The brothers had lost their mother years earlier and their father has recently passed. 

Baron donated toward the fundraiser and decided to do some investigating, finding Celner’s Facebook profile and shooting him a message.

“I’ve thought about you a million times… It’s bonkers. I mean like, I wanted to know more about this kid for so long and then finally I got to meet him and it was just this very exciting moment … I think about him all the time.”


Once the two reconnected over Messenger, they decided to meet up at the most appropriate place- the very Starbucks where Celner was born.


The reunion allowed Celner to hear his whole origin story, explaining that Baron filled in the gaps his mother left out.

“He remembers stuff like my mom was waving to like all the people as she was getting rolled out on this stretcher with me in her arms.”


Despite being born in the world’s largest and most iconic coffee store chain, Celner claims that he is not a huge fan of coffee, much preferring a hot chocolate or occasionally ordering a cold brew.

h/t The Record North Shore


Written by Abigale Racine