Red Sox Fan Who Carried A World Series Ticket In His Wallet For 46 Years In Hopes Of Getting His Hero’s Autograph Runs Into Him—Twice

red sox fan luis tiant autograph ticket stub 46 years
CBS Boston

Talk about dedication!

One Boston Red Sox fan, who attended Game 1 of the 1975 American League Championship Series, has carried his ticket stub from that game in his wallet for 46 years. When he realized he lived in the same town as the hero from that game, Luis Tiant, he decided to keep the ticket stub with him until he could get Tiant to sign it.

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That finally happened for him in 2021, in one of the most 2021 places possible.

“Seven or eight years ago I discovered that Luis Tiant lived in Wells, Maine, which is where I live,” said lifelong Red Sox fan Mike Doyle, according to WHDH-TV. “At that point I said I’m going to grab that ticket stub and carry it because someday I’m going to run into him.”

That finally happened earlier this year, as CBS Boston reported. The two men were at York Hospital’s coronavirus vaccine clinic at St. Christopher’s Church in nearly York, Maine. While waiting during the observation period after getting their shots, Doyle recognized Tiant and came up to him with the ticket.

Not only did he get the ticket signed, the two got to pose for a photo together.

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“I think he sort of looked at it like ‘what is this?'” Doyle told News Center Maine. “But like I said, he just very quickly signed it and was very cordial. I thought it was pretty neat and my wife did too. She said ‘I’ll never hear the end of this’ and here we are two months later talking about it.”

After years and years of hoping to run into Tiant, Doyle managed not only to run into the Red Sox legend for their first vaccine dose, but also ran into him again for their second dose appointments.

Doyle had another ticket stub for Tiant to sign, and now he has them both proudly displayed on his bookcase. As some are doing with their vaccine cards, the tickets with Tiant’s signatures are laminated.


Written by Phil West