Toddler Reenacts Famous Movie Scenes, Raising Over $12,000 For Feeding America

At four years old, Maddie Presser is already a cinephile, serving up memorable movie monologues like no other.

Maddie’s rendition of Braveheart / Dan Presser

During quarantine, the toddler has been reenacting famous movie scenes as a fun activity to do, encouraged by her dad, a producer for ESPN’s ACC Network.

Maddie’s as Woody from Toy Story / YouTube

Parents Dan and Beth Presser post these parodies to the YouTube channel, Quarantine 2020 Productions, all with the intent to raise money and awareness for Feeding America.

Sometimes Maddie is joined by her younger brother Barton, when a scene calls for intent listening or crying.

Most recently, Presser garnered the attention of late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, and the two acted out the iconic “How do you like them apples” scene from Good Will Hunting.


This isn’t the first time that Presser has won over the heart of a celebrity.


In fact, the toddler has an impressive acting resume, acting out scenes with the likes of Will Smith in an Independence Day parody as well. Kelly Clarkson and Tony Robbins have also donated toward Feeding America in Presser’s name.

Not many toddlers can say that they have hit Will Smith in the face. Nor can many toddlers say that they have raised over $70,000 for charity. 

Watch more of Presser’s reenactments on YouTube and Instagram. According to ABC7 News, Presser dreams of becoming a cowboy when she grows up. 


Written by Abigale Racine